Why and where its important to use virtual reality vr 360 degree tour videos

The application of virtual reality in promotion is all the talk in the industry. Its a common topic of discussion among marketers working in cities like delhi, noida, ghaziabad, gurgaon, faridabad, manesar, bhiwadi etc. With a new advancement – 360 virtual tour videos – clients are given more freedom to explore property in any direction.

1. Virtual tour means broad reach

For prospects/future clients who don’t have easy access to the company/factory/office of the supplier, 360 virtual tours will help them decide whether it’s worth the selection. This helps prospects filter down the suppliers they genuinely like, instead of wasting time visiting every shortlisted company. 

2. Virtual tour save time/money

Lets understand this by example. An Auto OEM in USA has to select a component supplier in India. Coming to India and checking their infrastructure will be a time-taking and costly affair. Also during covid times, people want to avoid travel as much as possible. With the help of 360 vr tour video. Procurement team of USA can easily visit the Indian supplier facility from the comfort of the office seat in USA.

3. Virtual tour give edge over competitors

Since not every organization is thinking about 360 virtual tours. You as an early mover can get the benefit out of it. This alone can increase your sales numbers 

Choosing to adopt 360 virtual tour videos as a part of your marketing strategy, is a simple decision with max benefits . If you think of all the benefits of these videos, the investment is surely going to be worth it. Help yourself, your seller and your potential buyer, by investing in 360 virtual tour videos today.

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